Lose Weight, Gain Weight – What You Should Look Like!

 The simple answer is – You, Be Happy & Feel Healthy!

I’ve been so surprised recently, that supermarkets are having to advertise that potatoes and vegetables are good for you. Please tell me when people stopped realising that whole foods are better for your body, opposed to those god awful diet shakes, full of dust and god knows what else? I definitely missed that memo.

IimagesEIX6OYZY know its hard, in a world full of airbrushed pictures, fad diets and unrealistic ideals. Pushed at both men and women, But I’m behind all of the people bringing back what you should really look like! Like those over at My Body Gallery and The Belly Project .

I’m not saying that I do yoga 9 times a day and eat only super smoothies, because I don’t. Unless boost fruit smoothies count then yes, I’m a little addicted there.

I’m just a normal mum of 2 that has a pretty healthy diet, my main exercise comes from house work and shouting chasing after the kids. I love cheese, dark chocolate, olives and fantasize about gluten filled pizza. I have lumps, bumps and parts of my body I don’t like, just like most people but hey s**t happens… Isn’t it about time we loved ourselves, lumps and all?

Eat healthy, whole foods, exercise and love what body that gives you – because quite frankly its the body you have! Unless you want to spend the rest of your life under the knife, or focusing on something that will make you feel miserable because you have this ridiculous image of what you should be stuck in your head. it will only hold you back and eat away at your happiness.

Lets put it this way.

What the Media portrays; You go into McDonald’s and order a big mac meal. There’s this sexy looking burger with crisp neatly packed fries, next to it is an ice-cold coke with condensation seductively slipping down the side of the cup. Happily brought to you by your delightfully happy and perfectly toned 20-year-old brunette.

Mean while in reality; 30 something dave who has just come back from his fag break, has secret sauce dripping from his chin, cant wait to finish his shift in 5 minutes, serves you with the appeal of a dying pig. Takes your money and hands you a sweaty bag containing your burger that’s been sat there since yesterday, fries that are half cold and sprinkled in the bottom of the bag, beautifully accompanied by the 95% ice, pancake flat coke that has a lid that splits every time you try to get the straw in. Yet you’re not disappointed.. Can you see my point yet?

images1FLJLIIEThe difference is that every time you buy he hypothetical Big Mac, you know NOT to expect what is on the picture, because you know the goods aren’t the same as what the media shows you, because it’s a lie. Yet, you don’t remember this when you see the latest Hollywood star, who’s just given birth doing a naked photo shoot and looks like she’s spent 9 months in the gym.

So please, ladies especially next time you grab a magazine, browse the web or just glance at billboard. Remember the big mac scenario; the difference between the advertisement and the real honest goods.

Be Happy, Healthy and love those imperfection’s, because to someone, somewhere, those parts are perfection!

2 thoughts on “Lose Weight, Gain Weight – What You Should Look Like!

    1. Hi Ellie, Thank you for your kind words really appreciated as I’m new to all this writing stuff :)! And yep unfortunately todays generation are growing up knowing no different so its about time things change and people remember what there meant to look like! have a great week look forward to reading your work


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