The Joys Of Raising A Boy

images4QYH7B2CBefore we had our son, we were told by so many people that little boys are completely different from girls. I took this as people giving me ‘parenting advice’. The sort of advice, where you say ‘thanks’ and let it go through one ear and out of the other.

So I was surprised – to say the least, when my son became a climbing, jumping, flying acrobat mobile and I was now finding out that old ‘advice’ was actually intended to be helpful. Boys aren’t delicate and they aren’t dainty, NOT by a long shot. In my sons short little life I have learnt many new skills and realised how my daughter was different on a whole different level.

The Juggernaut, you know the guy in x-men who runs into everything? That pretty much summarises my son and most boys I can only assume! I’ve discovered that with boys there are only 2 settings off and on.  Everyday I see him plodding full speed ahead on a mission, so I try to do the typical damage control but lo and behold he’s on a mission and as he’s about to run into something, my brain defaults and I hear Vinnie jones in the X-men movie, which makes me laugh hysterically! Most likely because if I don’t laugh I’d cry 🙂

We hit a record the other week as we managed to visit the Emergency room twice within 3 days, first for a burst ear drum and then for a cut by his eye. Apparently the juggernaut method wasn’t working to well for him when he challenged the sink and the sofa. Not that he was bothered, he thought it was the best thing ever running around ED with a surgical glove I converted into a chicken. After bumped heads, god knows what’s been swallowed and scraped knees you suddenly become accustomed to what to “monitor for 24 hours” rather than sit up the hospital all evening. I’m pretty sure that by the time he’s 18 I’ll be able to give most doctors a run for their money!

Needless to say I sh*t a brick pretty often – I’ve perfected my ‘I can’t watch’ face and discovered that silence is golden. Unless you have a son. In that case it means he’s most likely overestimating his physical abilities and ignoring the look of sheer horror painted on my face.

Apparently boys have a delayed ability to recognise the look of fear on others and it takes longer for them to understand speech patterns in comparison to girls. So for all this time I thought my son was stubborn, ignoring me all the time. Turns out I was right. So every time you feel like you’re talking to a brick wall you most likely are but hey? at least you’re not alone!

But on a serious note… a little tap on the shoulder to get his attention seems to work a treat then he decides to continue ignoring me anyway.  Wish me luck!

Social Media – Love, Hate & Obsession

imagesLMHJP0AQAs some of you may know, I’m currently studying counselling, and one of the current topics that really enticed me was our good old friend – social media.

I find social media is kind of like a mask, propped on the face of reality. Nothing gets posted in its natural state, it’s all planned and scripted.

The same as when you read a magazine or watch a film. Yet we continue to compare our lives to those in magazines and on social media – but when we think about it we all know were being fed a bunch of lies – hell, even Instagram has ‘instant’ edit your photo options!

I know that by saying this, I most likely sound like a cynical old git, but I think it’s about time we pointed out the elephant in the room. Quite frankly throwing a sheet over it and pretending it’s not there isn’t going so well. Continue reading

Worst Passengers On a Plane!

We’ve all come across that one ‘type’ of person on a flight, that really gets on your last nerve. I’ve recently stumbled across a brilliant site called passenger shaming where we can finally out these inconsiderate individuals!

So it got me thinking, what people annoy me most when I fly? It was hard but I’ve managed to whittle it down. Which is surprising, as I have the patience of a bulldog chewing a wasp. Continue reading

Is House Sitting For Me? – Travel On A Budget

 Last year the idea of house sitting was pure madness – So I started researching. I wont lie, it was a struggle as I found a real lack of information that wasn’t published by a house sitting website advertising themselves, or a super professional house sitter that had been doing it for 30 odd years. What I really craved was the honest, simple guide to house sitting. So I’m hoping this ticks the boxes!


So Is House Sitting right for you?images9QOKB2UG

Well to put it simply..

  • Do you like travelling and not paying for accommodation?
  • Need somewhere to stay for a while for free or trying to save?
  • Moving home or between houses?
  • Love pets or just generally hate paying rent?

If you have said yes to any of the above then – YES house sitting is definitely for you! Continue reading

Lose Weight, Gain Weight – What You Should Look Like!

 The simple answer is – You, Be Happy & Feel Healthy!

I’ve been so surprised recently, that supermarkets are having to advertise that potatoes and vegetables are good for you. Please tell me when people stopped realising that whole foods are better for your body, opposed to those god awful diet shakes, full of dust and god knows what else? I definitely missed that memo.

IimagesEIX6OYZY know its hard, in a world full of airbrushed pictures, fad diets and unrealistic ideals. Pushed at both men and women, But I’m behind all of the people bringing back what you should really look like! Like those over at My Body Gallery and The Belly Project .

I’m not saying that I do yoga 9 times a day and eat only super smoothies, because I don’t. Unless boost fruit smoothies count then yes, I’m a little addicted there. Continue reading

Tripping Up Stairs & Choking On Air

Seeking like-minded individual must be able to trip up the stairs, over their own feet and have the talent to choke on air. If you break things on a regular basis and are incapable of walking through a door frame and carry out regular “gravity checks” by falling briefly to the floor – apply below!

To give you a short ‘visual’ of how accident prone I am, Rob once said to me “you know when most people bump themselves whilst walking through a door way, they usually just clip their arm – you however, only get one hand through the door way”

Continue reading