Worst Passengers On a Plane!

We’ve all come across that one ‘type’ of person on a flight, that really gets on your last nerve. I’ve recently stumbled across a brilliant site called passenger shaming where we can finally out these inconsiderate individuals!

So it got me thinking, what people annoy me most when I fly? It was hard but I’ve managed to whittle it down. Which is surprising, as I have the patience of a bulldog chewing a wasp. … Read More Worst Passengers On a Plane!

Lose Weight, Gain Weight – What You Should Look Like!

 The simple answer is – You, Be Happy & Feel Healthy! I’ve been so surprised recently, that supermarkets are having to advertise that potatoes and vegetables are good for you. Please tell me when people stopped realising that whole foods are better for your body, opposed to those god awful diet shakes, full of dust and… Read More Lose Weight, Gain Weight – What You Should Look Like!